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September 26, 2023


Male, White, Grey

Meet Binoo! Binoo is an adorable little cranky pants, he really has the Siamese attitude! He loves to play with the other cats or on his own. He’s not the most loving kitten but will let you inflict love on him so long as he can complain the whole time. Binoo is a special medical case who came into care only a third of the size he should have been and was assumed to be a lost cause. Luckily his foster home doesn’t give up and is willing to do anything for the kitties in their care, and he made it. Although we believe he has a weak immune system and possibly some eye issues as they seem easily irritated, he will likely require eye and nose drops when needed for the rest of his life. Binoo does well with other cats, the house dog, and tolerates the toddler. Will this cranky special little guy fit in at your house?

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