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March 3, 2023


Fixed, Male, Tabby, Grey

Butch is one of three siblings who came into care as feral kittens, although it’s taken quite some time they have all turned into lovely cats! Butch is a big boy who starts out pretty timid but once he knows you he will come for pets and snuggle next to you on the couch. He’s also a big fan of snacks, the easiest way to earn his trust is through his belly, speaking of his belly he LOVES belly rubs. He’s not trying to cat trap you when he puts he’s belly on display! He still startles quite easily and doesn’t want to be held in your arms but he will let you pick him up to move him on or off things (like your lap!). He also for reasons unknown doesn’t want faces close to him. Butch could really thrive in a home that wants to work with him! He’s good with other cats, people he gets to know, dogs who aren’t interested in him and older or quiet/calm kids. What do you think? Is this incredibly sweet and gorgeous boy a good fit for your home?

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