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April 10, 2024


Black, Female

Kiki (female)
DOB approx April 10, 2024)
Kiki is an adorable peanut - a tiny, brave, cuddly and purry little girl with tonnes of personality. She loves climbing, running, exploring and cuddling with her foster mom and brother. She enjoys all types of food and has good litter box manners. She is super easy going and would likely adapt well to any home. She would love a friend to spend time with at her adoptive home, preferably another kitten like her brother Malone (they're great buds) or any of the 'T' crew (Teaghan, Tyson etc who are also from the same birth home). For being such a little peanut, she sure can rumble with the others and takes any knock downs like a champ. She adorably growls at her foster siblings if they are too rough but that doesn't deter her from continuing or even immediately lying down to observe the action or nap with chaos surrounding her. She is sure to melt your heart with her affectionate gazes and soothing purring. She loves to suck on ear lobes but is easily redirected if that isnt something you are ok with. She is still little and seeks the comfort of a 'mamma' 💓 She wants to eat human food but, again, is easily redirected if you dont want her near your meal. She has the most adorable bird-like peep meow and she and her brother Malone still do the supersonic silent meow as if the human is going to hear at the same frequency as their cat mamma would :) It is the cutest thing.

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