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May 1, 2023


Female, Grey, White

Hello 💕🐾 I am Moira. I will be available for adoption in late June once my babies are weaned. Hopefully not long after they are weaned I will have my spay surgery and be good to go 🙂 I love my babies very much and have really enjoyed being in a safe foster home with them so we can all have the best chance of a great life. It was a pretty close call initially. I was found with my babies and taken to a rural pound where we were at risk for being (well, I think you know). Anyway, phew!, thank goodness we came into care! I love being affectionate and making biscuits.

My babies and I are all available for meet and greets. My babies cannot leave my care until they are at least 8wks old and I would be able to go to my new home by end of June.

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